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Re: Star Citizen Release + Patch Notes

Posted: 15 Jun 2016 13:32
by Haargon
Star Citizen Patch 2.4.0 - 10.06.2016

Star Citizen Alpha 2.4.0

Alpha Patch 2.4.0 has been released and is now available for players! This patch provides access to our new Shopping experience, full Hangar interactivity from within the game client via new options and the Port Modification App. Many changes to Crusader and Port Olisar including the implementation of new missions, Alpha Currency and Defender reputation. Tying all these new features together and making them truly possible is our first iteration of server-side Persistence – our first persistent server databases! With this we can begin storing information about in-game characters, items, currency and reputation so they can be recalled between game play sessions. We also have our first pass on control unification between flight and fps controls which promises a much greater experience for our players, new flyable Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini, the hangar-ready Reliant and numerous fixes across the game.

Your launcher should should show “2.4.0-363258” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public.

Please review our current list of 2.3.0 Known Issues FAQ, and take full advantage of our Issue Council area of the Community site to report any bugs you encounter, as well as contribute to other players submissions.


New Features
Star Systems
Game Systems
First Person
User Interface
Updates and Fixes
Star Systems
Game Systems
First Person
User Interface

New Features
Star Systems:

After months of construction, the Casaba Shopping Outlet has opened up on ArcCorp!
Interested pilots can now purchase the latest fashions from around the frontier at affordable prices.
Cubby Blast has also fixed the main sales computer, and is ready to sell eager pilots weapons, flight suits and armor sets.
The shop clerks in ArcCorp have received some graphical improvements to be less soulless.


Port Olisar has been renovated. While some areas are still under construction, completed sections include improved atrium and the opening of several new shops, including Casaba Shopping Outlet, Garrity Defense and Live Wire Weapons.
Crusader Industries has made lockers available in both the Ez Hab rooms and outside the Port Olisar airlocks, to allow pilots to change their clothing during long stops.
If a player wishes to change their default civilian clothing, they will need to go to the shops in Port Olisar or ArcCorp and “Equip” items they have purchased.
This is a very temporary implementation until we have a better equipment access system implemented.
Characters now spawn into Port Olisar in their civilian clothing by default.
Characters who exit Port Olisar in civilian clothing rather then a spacesuit will die.
Comms Arrays will now automatically become disabled after a certain amount inactivity.
New landing pads have been added to all of the Port Olisar struts to allow them to hold larger ships.
The asteroid fields around Crusader have proven to be incredibly dangerous to shipping traffic after the veritable flood of pirates into the area.
As a result, enterprising salvage-hungry pilots may find many more wrecks and valuables in need of recovery in the Yela asteroid fields.
Likewise those who are enlisted by Tessa Bannister (at the local ICC Probe Station) may also find the odd keepsake of the poor lost souls who perished in the remote asteroid fields.
Security Post Kareah has received some renovations, including the addition of improved security station, airlock monitoring and contraband.


Hangar selections will no longer be available via the RSI website.
Players with multiple hangars can now select the Hangar they wish to use from the Main Menu of the game!
Inside of the “Options” menu, in the Game Options section, there is now a drop-down menu that will allow players to select which Hangar they would like to use.
This selection will persist between sessions.
Players who change their default Hangar while still inside the Hangar will need to exit and re-enter the hangar to see it update in the game-client.
Ships can be selected inside the Hangar via the Port Modification App.
The expansion bays for each Hangar are temporarily out of service.
This is temporary while we rework certain aspects of the expansion bays, so that they function alongside the Port Modification App.
The VFG industrial central hangar has been expanded to allow owners of large ships to spawn craft in while the expansion bays are worked on.
Likewise the Revel & York central hangar bay is now Extra-Large to allow owners of the Starfarer to spawn it in while the expansion bays are worked on.
The character loadout selector has been removed from the Hangar.
Characters now all load in with the same RSI space suit by default.
New civilian clothing and armor can be obtained from ArcCorp and Port Olisar.
Clothing can be equipped from the lockers on Port Olisar, or by interacting with previously-purchased items in ArcCorp.
The Holotable has been removed from the Hangar… for now.
Players will be able to modify their ships via the Port Modification App.

Game Systems:
Bounty and Reputation System

Crusader Industries has identified a potential weakness in their criminal monitoring network at the understaffed Security Post Kareah. As a result, Crusader Industries has constructed a much improved security station, armory and are looking to contract reliable pilots in the area as security guards to help protect it.

“Defenders” who repair enough Comm Array or ICC Probe missions will get offered a contract from Crusader Industries to protect Security Post Kareah from nefarious parties.
Newly recruited security guards will receive a weapon from Crusader Industries armory, and will need to defend the station for 10 minutes without dying or allowing any criminals to breach the main security terminal.
Security guards are authorized and encouraged to eliminate any trespassers that enter the station, with a 100 aUEC bonus instantly awarded per trespasser that is dispatched.
Added a “Public Enemy” mission that will trigger for all Defenders if the Outlaw player attempts to interact with the hacking terminal.

In response to the crackdown, Outlaws in Crusader are getting more organized. Mysterious allies are offering missions to undermine and derail the efforts of Crusader Industries.

Outlaws and Defenders in Crusader will receive missions to hunt one another in Crusader, with varying rewards.
Defenders will lose their mission to hunt Outlaws if they are killed by a Outlaw.
Outlaws will receive a mission to kill the new security guard at Security Post Kareah.
Outlaws who have a bounty on them can no longer be tracked via mobiGlas if they are outside monitored space.
Capped the Outlaw wanted level that a character can obtain for turning off Comm Arrays at 2.
Outlaws will now receive a mission to keep the Comm Arrays offline.
The Outlaw will receive an aUEC reward every time they kill a player attempting to turn on the Comm Array.

General Changes

Both “Defender” and “Outlaw” missions award AUEC.
The timer for Outlaw Wanted Levels only counts down while the account is online on Crusader, and will persist between sessions.
Outlaws no longer receive a special load out when they respawn.
Character names will appear “Red” on Augmented Reality when they have Outlaw wanted levels, and they will appear as hostiles when targeted in space.
Outlaws at Wanted Level 5 will no longer get kicked from the server when they are killed.
Outlaw Wanted level will instead persist between sessions.
Each Outlaw Wanted level now persists for a number of hours (not minutes) equal to the rank of Wanted.
Wanted Level 1 persists for 1 hour, Wanted Level 2 persists for 2 hours, ect.
Wanted Level 5 would persist for 5 hours. Going all the way from Wanted Level 5 to Wanted 0 without taking actions to decrease the Wanted Level would take a total of 15 hours.
The hack time needed to reduce a wanted level has been increased, and is now based on the players current wanted level.
Time needed to hack terminal is now 1 minute per wanted level.
Example: To reduced your wanted level from 5 to 4, takes 5 minutes.
The “Defender” reputation of a character on Crusader will persist between sessions.
The “Defender” reputation of a player in Crusader is not currently displayed on the HUD.
A players “Defender” reputation is permanent assuming no criminal actions are taken. Performing any criminal action will instantly erase any good reputation earned, and place them at Wanted Level 1.

Alpha Currency (aUEC)

We have added a new currency type that can be earned in-game specifically for testing purposes – Alpha UEC.
aUEC is currently awarded from performing both Outlaw and “Defender” missions in Crusader, and can also be earned by salvaging rare valuables in the asteroid fields around crusader.
ICC Probe, Comm Array and Covalex PI missions will award aUEC.
The Covalex PI Mission rewards more or less aUEC depending on the ending you receive.
aUEC can be used to purchase items in both Port Olisar, Crusader and Area 18, ArcCorp.
Every account will start with 2750 aUEC.
aUEC can be tracked in-game via mobiGlas and will be periodically wiped as needed throughout the Star Citizen Alpha.

Ship Respawn Costs

We have enabled ship respawn costs for Port Olisar!
Destroyed ships will now have a respawn timer after being destroyed.
Player can pay a aUEC fee to bypass the timer, and the cost to bypass the timer decreases over time.
The respawn timer and cost differ from ship to ship, with small ships generally being much faster then large ship.
The timer will continue to countdown, even while player is logged out of Crusader.

Repair, Restock, Refuel

Repairs, Restock, and Refuel in Crusader now cost aUEC.
When a ship lands on a Cry-Astro pad, the mobiGlas of the pilot will open automatically to the Cry-Astro app and show the character which service they need and how much each one costs.
The pilot can then select which ones they wish to purchase and then “Confirm” the service purchase.

Shopping Experience

We have introduced the first iteration of the Shopping Experience to both Port Olisar and Area 18! Shopping is accessible through Augmented Reality (on by default now) and mousing over any item you are interested in will give you the name, description and price of an item.

AR will also present you with two options – “Try on” or “Buy Now”, which users can toggle between via the mouse wheel or “dpad down” on Gamepad.
Either option can then be selected via the standard “Interact” keybinding, which by default is via “F” on the keyboard or “Y” on the Gamepad.
“Try On” will bring up a dressing room preview of how the item looks.
“Buy Now” will take you to the checkout screen, where you can confirm your purchase before it is delivered to your locker on Port Olisar.
There is also a option called “Deliver To” that is greyed-out, pending implementation in a future iteration.
If you already own an item, the UI will show “Equip” instead of “Buy Now”.
Cubby Blast (ArcCorp), Live Wire Weapons and Garrity Defence (Port Olisar) offer all of our currently available weapons, flight suits and armor sets.
Casaba Outlets offer civilian clothing in the form of hats, footwear, pants, shirts and jackets.
The main Casaba Outlet store on ArcCorp has a much larger selection of attire.
Items purchased via the shopping experience will also persist from session to session.
Please note that throughout the alpha and beta of Star Citizen we will periodically wipe items back to a clean state status for further testing.


One of the biggest features we’ve implemented in Alpha 2.4.0 is our first iteration of true server-side Persistence. Persistent databases are what allow us to store information on items, ships, and actions that a player has taken, such that they can return to exactly where they left off session-to-session. This is a huge step forward into the “Persistent” part of making the “Persistent Universe” the vast universe we all look forward to.

During this first iteration, the following items will now “Persist” on the database and be saved from session to session.
Alpha UEC
Item Purchases
Hangar Configurations
Ship Loadouts
Character Loadouts
Crusader Reputation (Criminal and Defender)
As new features are developed during Alpha, we anticipate that we will periodically reset the database to make way for new changes and fix problems that may have been diagnosed.

Port Modification App

What is this? What does it do? What doesn’t it do! This handy application allows pilots from all over the ‘verse to directly modify their Hangar and the loadouts of their ships. This fun-filled new option is housed as part of the mobiGlas and AR suite, and is enabled by default when in the Hangar.

Your AR vision will automatically show you interaction points (nodes) in both the Hangar and on your ships.
Nodes are places where you can place decorative items and ships. This is how you will place ships in your Hangar without use of the RSI website.
These nodes appear as blue points with cross hairs. When highlighted, the Port Mod nodes appear as a green circle with text that indicates what kind of node it is.
You can interact with a specific Port Mod Node by highlighting the node you want to use, and Left-Click with your mouse.
This brings up a menu that will show you a range of information. Including all available ships or decorative items that can be placed in that node, and any item or ship already placed that you might wish to remove via the large “X” at the top right of the UI.
If an item exists that would be eligible for the node, but is already in use by another node, the Port Mod App will inform you of the Hangar that your ship or item is currently located.
When viewing ships, the nodes will also indicate places where you can modify components on your ship!
The Port Modification app works in both the Hangar and Crusader!
Changes made in the Hangar will carry over to your Arena Commander simulation sessions, and changes made in Crusader will carry on in the ‘verse from session to session.
*Please note: *The loadouts of the Vanduul Scythe and Glaive ships cannot be modified, as they use proprietary components.

Social Module

mobiGlas now shows both AUEC (Alpha UEC) and UEC in the top right corner of the main mobiGlas page.
Augmented Reality is now on by default.
Chat window is now open by default (Toggle ‘F12’ to open/close window).


The MISC Reliant (Base) has been added as a Hangar-Ready ship.
The Starfarer (Base) and the Starfarer Gemini are now flight-ready, and available for pilots to summon in Crusader.
Ship health has received a balance pass across the board.
Ships that will have seen an increase in health include the Mustang (All), 300i and Freelancer.
Ships that will have seen a decrease in health include the Aurora (All), 325a, 315p, Hornet (all), Gladiator, Vanguard and Constellation Andromeda.
Ship armor and shields are currently going through a review for potential rebalancing, and may experience minor changes.


A new ship weapon has been added to the game in the form of the AMRS PyroBurst Plasma Scattergun.
This Size 3 weapon fires a close-range but wide burst of plasma energy at the target, with a secondary detonation on impact.

First Person:

A whole slew of animation changes have been made to support the new shopping experience.
We have added a slew of new items from armor to civilian clothing that players can obtain and use through the Shopping experience.
Our initial selection of civilian clothing includes five styles of jackets, three different shirt styles (in a wide variety of colors), six styles of pants (also in a wide range of colors), shoes and hats!
We also have familiar Marine and Outlaw armors, flightsuits and the full assortment of FPS weapons.
Added airlock death animation and sound effects.
FPS weapons now function inside of ships with Interior Physics grids. These include the Constellation Andromeda, Retaliator, Starfarer, Vanguard Warden, Freelancer and Cutlass Black.

User Interface:

The keyboard, mouse and gamepad default keybindings have received a massive update to better unify controls between different peripherals and also between flight and FPS modes. You can read more about the philosophy behind the changes on our 2.4.0 Comm Link, but major changes include:

mobiGlas is now on F1 on the Keyboard.
Spacebrake is now on “X” (Keyboard) and “LeftShoulder+B” (Gamepad).
Exit ship/Exit seats is now on “Left Alt+F” (Keyboard) and “LeftShoulder+Y” (Gamepad).
Cycle Countermeasure is now “G” (Keyboard), and “Dpad Down” (Gamepad).
Launch Countermeasures is now Hold+“G” (Keyboard) or Mouse Button 4, “RightShoulder” (Gamepad).
Throttle Min/Thottle Max is now “Backspace” (Keyboard) as a toggle.
Self-Destruct and Force Respawn are now “Right Alt” + Hold “Backspace” (Keyboard), and “LeftShoulder + RightShoulder” + “X” (GamePad).
The keybinding changes are very extensive and we strongly recommend that players review the keybindings in-game.
For those players who desire the old keybind layout, we also have Legacy keybinding profiles available for Gamepad and Keyboard.
These are located in the game menu under Options → Keybindings → Advanced Keybindings → Control Profiles.
“Keyboard Legacy” and “Gamepad Legacy” will have the old pre-2.4.0 keybindings with only minimal updates to prevent conflicts.

Updates and Fixes
Star Systems:
ArcCorp, Area 18

Fixed an issue where a lighting effect on the elevator doors would pop as the doors opened and closed.
Fixed an issue where a bright light was flickering on and off in the center of AstroArmada.
Toned down some of the lighting in the Customs area of ArcCorp.
Fixed an issue where the visual effects for the Sphere outside of TDD Jobwell were missing.
Fixed an issue where the Cubby Blast sign had some texture clipping and conflicts.


Fixed an issue where the Yela asteroid were missing a number of graphical detail levels.
Fixed an issue where Quantum Traveling to an object would sometimes cause the player’s ship to be moved about 3000m in a random direction.
Fixed an issue wherein ramming another player’s ship and destroying your own ship in the process, would give the other user a Criminal Wanted level.
Fixed an issue where the Audio for Comms Array activation and deactivation was playing globally across the server.
Made changes to the look of various glass materials throughout Crusader.
Fixed some visual issues when flying up to and landing on CryAstro Stations.


Fixed an issue where the door frames in the VFG Industrial hangar were missing detail levels.

Game Systems:
Arena Commander

Added the ability for characters to suicide in Arena Commander.
Removed the Tutorial temporarily.


Precision mode velocity damping now only applies to strafe.
Strafe is no longer affected by the space-brake.


Fixed an issue where pilots who entered certain landed ships would sometimes see the artificial horizon holo-disc grow huge on their screens.
Fixed an issue where several ships would take a very long time to destroy unless their cockpit took damage.

Individual Ships

300 Series
Fixed an issue where the 300i and 350r landing gear would hover a few inches above the landing pad.
Fixed an issue where maneuvering thruster audio on the Aurora LN was repeating excessively at moderate-to-high volume levels.
Fixed an issue where the zoom-camera for the Avenger HUD would pull the camera too far toward the left or right when zooming in on screens.
Fixed an issue where the Avenger (all) would drain fuel very quickly when using boost or afterburner.
Fixed an issue where the Avenger Warlock was missing its Visor HUD information.
Cutlass Black
Fixed an issue where the zoom camera for the Cutlass Black HUD would pull the camera too far downward when zooming in on screens.
Fixed an issue where the entrance audio for the Cutlass Black did not attenuate over distance or direction.
Fixed an issue where the ramp suspension had no collision for all Cutlass variants.
Fixed an issue where the turret seat of the Cutlass Black was hovering inside of the cargo bay until it had been interacted with.
Fixed an issue where the left wing landing gear of the Gladiator would sometimes spawn in deployed for Arena Commander matches.
Fixed an issue where the Gladiator exterior lights were not aligned to the body of the ship.
Fixed an issue where the zoom-camera for the Gladius HUD would pull the camera too far toward the left or right when zooming in on screens.
Fixed an issue where the Gladius pilot had no strafe animations.
Made some minor art and visual effect tweaks to the Hornet series of ships.
Improved damage states to the Hornet series.
Added new graphical detail levels.
Fixed issues with the landing gear door, right weapon hardpoint, and missile bay positions.
Fixed how the pilot hands connect to the joystick and controls of the Hornet.
Fixed cockpit lighting in the Hornet.
Removed some older ship animations that were causing the nose of the ship to lift up.
Added improved canopy eject animations.
Fixed an issue where using automated landing on the Khartu-al would sometimes cause the ship to strafe….forever.
Fixed an issue with the Khartu-Al where flying close to objects would cause the ship to rapidly switch between landing and flight mode.
P-52 Merlin
Fixed an issue where the Merlin maneuvering thrusters were missing graphical detail levels.
Fixed an issue where the zoom camera for the Retaliator HUD would pull the camera too far toward the center when zooming in on screens.
Fixed an issue with the Aegis Sabre where the color and damage shaders were visible on the interior of the landing gear doors.
Fixed an issue where character who walked past a ladder in the Starfarer would automatically climb the ladder.
Fixed an issue where there was a flickering white light around the external gangway of the Starfarer.
Fixed an issue where the captain’s seat on the Starfarer had no “Use” prompt.
Fixed an issue where panels in the Starfarer Docking Collar were reversed.
Vanguard Warden
Fixed an issue where the Vanguard Warden’s missile racks could be attached to any ship.


Fixed an issue where both the Max Ox Neutron Cannon (S1 and S2) were unaffected by overheating.

First Person:

Fixed an issue where characters would not lift their leg when EVA’ing around the Port Olisar rings.
Fixed an issue where the helm flashlight had a blur effect inside of ships.
Fixed an issue where the wheels and glass on the Greycat Buggy had graphical detail problems that would cause it to pop in and out at close range.
Fixed an issue where the Greycat Buggy was spawning with its wheels partially in the floor of the Hangar and ArcCorp.
Fixed an issue where the FPS Radar was oriented to the helmet and would rotate with it, instead of moving with the player.

FPS Weapons

Fixed an issue where the small arms fire from FPS weapons would not manifest inside of a ships physics grid.
Gun battles inside of ships are now fully possible!
Fixed an issue where the Devestator-12 Energy Shotgun damage abruptly dropped off at a certain distance.
Fixed an issue where swapping an Arrowhead Sniper rifle for another weapon would leave the Arrowhead rifle floating in mid-air.
Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped Arrowhead Sniper rifle.
Fixed an issue where headshots taken with the Arrowhead Sniper rifle wouldn’t register past a certain distance.
Fixed some visual effect issues with the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.
Fixed an issue where characters would drop their gun both when unholstering and when switching weapons.

User Interface:

Fixed an issue where the HUD Interaction cursor was not properly aligned with multi-function displays, making it difficult to cycle screens.
Fixed an issue where users could not rotate a turret with a HOTAS or Joystick peripheral.
Fixed an issue where certain keybindings were saved to the incorrect peripheral and were not saved on restart.
Fixed an issue where the “double tap” binding for player keybindings was not saving correctly.
Fixed an issue where the HUD Icons on the helmet holoradar were affected by motion blur, causing them to stretch when turning or looking around.
Fixed an issue with where the controls were not correctly mapped for the X52 joystick.


Fixed a number of client crashes.
Fixed a number of server crashes.


Made some graphical performance tweaks to the Constellation Andromeda.
Made some continued performance improvements to the game servers.
Fixed some significant lag tied to the chaff visual effects.
Fixed a series of freezes and other performance problems that would occur on certain CPU’s, particularly when in the Tutorial game mode.

Re: Star Citizen Release + Patch Notes

Posted: 30 Aug 2016 05:44
by Haargon
Star Citizen Patch 2.5.0 - 25.08.2016

Alpha Patch 2.5.0 has been released and is now available for players! This patch provides access to our GrimHEX outlaw base, new clothing options, new automated landing technology and three new flyable ships – the Reliant KORE, Argo MPUV (Cargo Variant), and Argo MPUV (Passenger Variant). This is all in addition to bug fixes for the rest of our game and content.

Your launcher should show “2.5.0-393743” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Live client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public.

Please review our current list of Patch 2.5.0 Known Issues and take full advantage of our Issue Council area of the Community site to report any bugs you encounter, as well as contribute to other players submissions.

Important Notices:

Exit Seat is now “Hold F” on keyboard and “Hold Y” on gamepad.
This includes beds, seats and chairs.
We will be wiping the persistence database with this patch from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0. All aUEC progress and item purchases will be reset.


New Features
Star Systems
Game Systems
User Interface
Updates and Fixes
Star Systems
Game Systems
First Person
User Interface

New Features
Star Systems:

Crusader Industries would like to alert all pilots to avoid Yela and surrounding asteroid field. Pirates have become increasingly aggressive, and there have been reports returning to us over the past several months of their attempts to lure pilots off course with fake requests for assistance. Crusader Industries believes they are based out of the decommissioned Green Imperial station, however attempts to locate the station have been difficult of late. Please report any suspicious activity, and consider any unidentified craft leaving the asteroid field extremely dangerous.

The people of GrimHEX asteroid station would like to cordially invite the Crusader Industries to QT into the nearest star. There aren’t any pirates operating out of our base and we’re open for business to everyone this economy left in the dust from here to Terra. You’re very welcome to visit and enjoy our fine goods, services and lodgings. Many shops of our shops and services are temporarily closed while we make some repairs from the last group of over-eager “heroes” that came through, but we welcome all comers!

GrimHEX is our new Outlaw base location that can be located by navigating through the Yela asteroid field or via dying/spawning while an Outlaw.
This abandoned Housing Exchange is located in the Yela asteroid field and has been increasingly popular among the criminal element.
Currently featuring a weapons/armor store and clothing store, they’re stocked with items you can’t find at Port Olisar.
GrimHEX will continue to expand with future patches to eventually include a bar, criminal missions and outlaw racing area.
Port Olisar, Crusader
The LiveWire Weapons franchise in Port Olisar is not selling energy weapons and only ballistic weapons can be purchased at this location for the time being.
Outlaw armor sets are available on GrimHEX exclusively, and can no longer be purchased at Garrity Defense.

Game Systems:

Skutters is a small weapon and armor shop on GrimHEX, that just so happens to be specializing in energy weapons for the discerning shopper… who does not ask where they were obtained from.
KC Trending is a new location on GrimHEX station that offers a whole new selection of clothing for the discreet independent pilot. From shoes to hats, they’ve got the latest in underground fashion.

New Landing System!

The first phase of our new landing system has been implemented to provide a simpler, more intuitive landing experience.
This system will grow over the coming releases to ultimately incorporate things like docking and the ability to request/obtain landing authorization via the new Comms System.
Players are now able to enter Landing Mode by simply lowering their landing gear (done by tapping the “N” key on the keyboard).
Landing Mode reduces the speed of the ship down to Precision Mode speed and changes the AR display from regular AR to landing AR.
This flags landing pads as either Valid, Invalid or Recommended.
By default, Valid pads are unobstructed and the correct size for the ship, whereas Invalid pads are either obstructed or the wrong size.
There will only ever be one Recommended pad flagged at any one time, and it’ll normally be the closest Valid pad to the player.
Once over a pad, the player can either land their ship manually or automatically (holding down the “N” key).
This is provided that the Landings Zone offers Automatic Landing service.
A few seconds after touch down, Landing Mode will be disabled and the AR display will return to normal.
A few seconds after taking off, Landing Mode will re-enable for as long as the landing gear is down.
Putting the landing gear away will disable Landing Mode.

Item System 2.0

We have begun converting player and ship items to our new item system. As with the prior, similar updates to ship components, this is largely at the back-end level. Implementing new component class systems, naming conventions and other needed functionality, as well as retrofitting all existing armors and weapons to be compatible. These changes will allow us to implement greater modularity to first-person items. Additionally, this will allow items to interact with one another in a more direct and less “handwavium” simulation, setting the foundation for greater player interaction and future game play mechanics.

This should not affect the function of any in-game items, and changes to player item stats should be minimal.

Player Health System 2.0

We have implemented the first phase of our new player health system!
This includes the implementation of better individual limb damage and health, more granular damage states.
This also lays the groundwork for future features like injury penalties that impact your gameplay experience based upon the damage grade of your body parts.
Player health dolls should now show Normal (Green) health when it reaches 100%-61%, a Hurt (Yellow) state from 60%-41% health, a Damaged (Red) state from 40%-10%, and the Ruined (Dark Red) state at 10%-0%.
Taking a certain level of critical damage limb damage can also cause player death.

Wanted Level System Update

Players with outlaw wanted level who enter Crusader will spawn in GrimHEX.
This also applies to outlaw players who die and respawn in Crusader.
Players with outlaw wanted levels will no longer have Port Olisar as a QT option, and instead will see GrimHEX.


The Reliant KORE, Argo MPUV (Cargo Variant), and Argo MPUV (Passenger Variant) are all now flight ready!
Reliant KORE is available in both Arena Commander and Crusader.
The Argo MPUV is only available in Crusader at this time, as it does not have weapons to defend itself in the Arena Commander simulation.
A new size 5 laser cannon, the M7A, has been introduced!
This is the now part of the Starfarer Gemini’s main turret loadout, as originally intended.

User Interface:
New Keybindings

Added a keybind mapping for X52 Pro HOTAS.

Keybinding Changes

Keyboard and Gamepad

Exit Seat is no longer behind Modifier 1 on any device.
It is now “Hold F” on keyboard and “Hold Y” on gamepad.
This has been given a longer hold time than most – at 1 second you will have to really want to exit your seat.
Landing System toggle and pad selection is no longer there – removed for a manual landing gear deploy retract and autoland.
Deploy landing gear with “N” for keyboard / “B” for gamepad.
Hold these keys while in a landing zone to autoland.

Keyboard Only

Mapped new actions for Cooler Rate Increase / Decrease Throttle
Keyboard binding is “Left Alt + numpad 7/8”
Power Plant throttle moved to be next to the Cooler throttle
Keyboard binding is “Left Alt + numpad 4/5”
(Double tap for max and min)
Removed the Throttle Max and Throttle Min from the double tap “S” and “W” for the default key mapping.
This was done to prevent accidental collisions, however it can still be mapped by the player as they wish.
There is also still the Max / Min toggle on “Backspace” if required.

Updates and Fixes
Star Systems:

Fixed an issue where shadows around Port Olisar would flicker at certain angles and perspectives.
Updated and simplified the Quantum Travel marker names for better readability.
Made some minor visual effects updates to the interior of Port Olisar.
Made some balance changes to the pirate ships in Crusader so they use updated components.

Area 18, ArcCorp

Finished a massive lighting and visual effects update to Area 18, ArcCorp.
Fixed an issue where a large green arrow could be seen in reflection of the Jobwell glass.
Fixed an issue where the user camera could clip through the wall of the incinerator on Area 18.

VFG Industrial Hangar

Adjusted the lighting in the VFG hangar to be less dark.

Game Systems:
Arena Commander

Fixed an issue where the decals would disappear off of the landing pads in Free Flight game mode.


Fixed a bug that allowed player characters to slide uncontrollably across landing pads when transitioning out of EVA at speed.
Fixed an issue where EVA animations would stutter when approaching a landing pad.


Fixed an issue where inspecting weapons would cause the users outfit to switch into the standard flight suit regardless of what they were currently wearing.
Fixed an issue where the weapon shops were not correctly recognizing the maximum number of equipped weapons, resulting in a number of problems, including causing some size 3 FPS weapons to disappear.

Social Module

Name-tags for players in Augmented Reality now appear at 25 meters.
Fixed an issue where using the mobiGlas hotkey while in a turret would cause a chain reaction of problems.


Fixed an issue where the CF-007 Bulldog Repeater, CF-117 Badger Repeater, and CF-227 Panther Repeater didn’t slow their rate of fire when running low on energy.
Fixed issues where the missile smoke trail effects could not be seen unless the missile is very close to the viewer.

Individual Ships

Fixed an issue where the engine thruster exhaust effects was displaying circular blurs instead of proper visuals.
Made a number of exit and enter animation improvements for the Avenger Warlock.
Constellation Andromeda
The missile racks for the Constellation Andromeda can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
The side missile racks on the Constellation Andromeda should now target and fire properly.
Cutlass Black
Made a number of exit and entrance animation improvements for the Cutlass Black.
The missile racks for the Cutlass Black can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
Added strafing control animations for the Freelancer pilot.
Updated the audio for the Freelancer cockpit doors so it is properly synced.
Added boosting visual effects to the Freelancer’s thrusters.
Toned down the brightness of the Freelancer maneuvering thruster.
The missile and torpedo racks on the Gladiator can no longer be edited Port Mod.
Fixed an issue where the shell casings on the Scorpion gun would fly in front of the pilot before disappearing.
Made some improvements to the Hornet series audio, for all variants except the F7C-M.
Fixed an issue with the F7C-M Hornet, where the ship would not transition into damage states correctly on being damaged.
Fixed some of the control issues with the F7C-M Hornet Turret.
The missile racks for the M50 can no longer be edited by Port Mod.
Fixed an issue with the Mustang Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega wherein the ships had no explosion audio or visual when destroyed.
Fixed an issue where the Mustang series could not be repaired if wings were damaged.
Fixed an issue where users could not exit the Mustang Gamma if it was partially damaged and landed.
Fixed an issue where there were no lights present in the back of the Mustang Beta.
Fixed an issue where the exterior lights on the Mustang Alpha did not function.
Fixed an issue where the locker onboard the Mustang Beta could not be interacted with.
Fixed an issue where the armor plates on the Mustang Delta wings would continue to float alongside after the wings were destroyed.
Reliant KORE
Fixed an issue where excessive fog was leaking out of the Reliant in the Hangar.
Fixed an issue with the AEGIS Sabre where the throttle floats in mid-air during entry animations.
Made some alterations to the Sabre handling to make it more nimble, and have less jerkiness when rolling.
Added strafing control animations for the Starfarer pilot.
Fixed an issue where the forward port landing skid on the Starfarer was offset from housing.
Vanguard Warden
The missile racks on the Vanguard Warden can no longer be edited by Port Mod.

First Person:

First-person camera views have received significant attention to provide a much more stable and smooth viewing experience for players.

There is now a UI sound that is triggered when an enemy is shot by the player.
Updated the “Examine Pistol” animation for shopping.
Made a number of improvements to character prone animations.
Fixed an issue where the death animation would play twice when a character was shot.
Fixed an issue where the burp emote contained no audio.
Fixed an issue where the user would desync after aiming down the sights of the Arrowhead Sniper Rifle.
Assault rifles will now properly re-center after the user sprints.

User Interface:

Fixed an issue where the Port Modification Hangar modes would still show the name of a ship after it had been removed.
Fixed an issue with Hostility UI, where the orange wanted icon for Wanted Level 1 would not appear.
Fixed an issue where the 3rd person Free Cam could not zoom in or out.
Fixed an issue where changes to the Graphics Quality in the options menu did not actually change the quality of graphics.
Fixed an issue where the camera could remain locked to the elevator menu transition, after backing out of the universe menu.


Ship target HUD now dynamically changes colors based on the allegiance of the target.
Fixed an issue where users in free cursor mode would still fire their primary Weapon Group when clicking.
Fixed an issue where the aiming reticle on a Gamepad or a HOTAS would become very erratic when targeting enemies.
Fixed an issue where the Retaliator HUD would not update correctly after the ship was repaired.


Fixed a number of client crashes.
Fixed a number of server crashes.
Fixed a client disconnection (Code 1) that would sometimes occur when loading into Arena Commander.
Added a new error (10002) for players who are disconnected due to duplicate login.
This can be due to the account already being logged in on another computer or client.
This can also happen after a crash or force-close of the game, when the prior connection has not timed out yet.


Fixed an issue with Area 18, ArcCorp, where there were severe FPS drops when looking at the center of the level.
Fixed an issue where switching between 1st and 3rd camera view would briefly drop the client frames per second down to 5.

Re: Star Citizen Release + Patch Notes

Posted: 03 Apr 2017 12:30
by Haargon
Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 Patch Notes

Wichtige Anmerkungen:

Clients können ab und zu abstürzen, nachdem ein Spieler im PU für fünf Minuten oder mehr untätig war.
Wenn Spieler Crusader, ArcCorp oder MMHC betreten wollen, kann es passieren, dass nach dem Klick auf den Beitreten-Button eine leichte Verzögerung (1-2 Minuten) auftritt, bevor das Spiel lädt.
Dies passiert, da für die entsprechende Region ein neuer Server gestartet wird und es dafür aktuell im Hauptmenü keine Information gibt, welche diese Verzögerung erklärt.

Neue Funktionen
Star Marine

Eine „+25 Kopfschuss“ Belohnung für das Töten eines Spielers per Kopfschuss wurde hinzugefügt.
Das Last Stand Scoreboard zeigt nun die Anzahl der eroberten Kontrollpunkte an.
Gegnerische Spieler, die versuchen, den Spawn-Raum zu betreten, werden nun durch die Raumbarrieren in Last Stand getötet.
Vorläufig wurden das Hinlegen und der Nahkampf deaktiviert.
Hinlegen und Nahkampf wurden für den Moment deaktiviert, da sie zu viele Exploits zuließen.
Wir arbeiten hart an der Behebung dieser Kollisionsexploits und sobald dies geschafft ist, werden diese Features wieder aktiviert.
Last Stand benötigt nun nur noch sechs Spieler, um anzufangen, statt acht.


Die Drake Buccaneer wurde dem Spiel hinzugefügt und für das PU und den Arena Commander aktiviert.

Mega Map

Mit 2.6.2 haben wir die Unterstützung für sehr breite Bildschirmauflösungen (21:9) in unserem Spiel hinzugefügt.
Eine Reihe von Problemen mit dem Spiel-Interface und den Menüs wurden behoben, die auftraten, wenn Monitore auf ein 21:9 Seitenverhältnis eingestellt waren.


Wir haben nun Server in den USA, Europa und Australien!

Ihr könnt vor dem Beitritt zu jeder Mehrspielerinstanz mithilfe einer optionalen Dropdown-Liste auswählen, zu welcher Region Ihr Euch verbinden wollt.

Das Auswählen von „All“ wird Euch momentan normalerweise zu der Region mit der besten Verfügbarkeit verbinden, aber das wird sich ändern, da wir die Funktionalität der regionalen Unterstützung weiter ausbauen und verbessern.

Serielle Variablen

Serielle Variablen ersetzen einige der originalen Aspekte der CryEngine für die Handhabung von Daten (Aspekte und Klassenmitglieder), die vorher von CryEngine NetSerialize Calls serialisiert wurden. Einfach gesagt ist es ein leichteres und performanteres System für den Umgang mit Update-Nachrichten im Netzwerk, mit einem reduzierten Risiko für Update-Verluste während des Caching oder anderer Prozesses – und reduziertem Lag.

Aktualisierungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Der Radius des Black Box Missionsbereichs der ICC Probe Mission 7 wurde angepasst.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das ASOP Terminals in Port Olisar und GrimHex nicht mehr reagierten.
Der „Cellin“ Quantum Travel Navigationspunkt wurde vorübergehend entfernt, da es sich mit dem Kareah Navigationspunkt überlagerte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das das Wanted Level Interface nach bestimmten Charakteraktionen verschwand.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das sich das Radar basierend auf dem Gelände veränderte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das Wanted Level nicht persistierten.

Area 18, ArcCorp

Ein Problem wurde behoben, wo Audio von vorbeifliegenden Schiffe nicht korrekt gedämpft wurde, wenn sich Spieler in Shops aufhielten.


Eine Reihe von Problemen wurde behoben, durch die Audio-Effekte in den Hangars verloren gingen.
Eine falsche Kollision im Revel & York und im Aeroview Hangar wurden behoben.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das Spieler die Hangars in Grau sahen, nachdem sie ein Arena Commander oder Star Marine Match verlassen hatten, bevor es gestartet war.

Million Mile High Club

Ein Problem wurde behoben, welches Spieler davon abhielt, den Million Mile High Club zu betreten.


Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das Spieler nicht in der Lage waren, zwischen den Spielmodi im in-game Leaderboard navigieren konnten.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, welches verhinderte, dass die in-game Leaderboards und Website-Leaderboards dieselben Informationen zeigten.
Einige Platzhalter-Text-Probleme in den in-game Leaderboards wurden behoben.
Der Pirate-Swarm-Spielmodus wurde dem in-game Leaderboard hinzugefügt.

Arena Commander

Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das Helmradar aktiv blieb, wenn man ein Fahrzeug spawnte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Zurück-Tasten nicht mehr reagierten, nachdem ein Spieler in ein privates Arena Commander Match eingeladen wurde.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das Schiffshologramm im AC Loadout-Bildschirm nicht mehr funktionstüchtig war.
Ein Problem mit der Checkpoint-Nummerierung im Rennmodus wurde behoben, sodass der erste Checkpoint nun mit 1 beginnt statt mit 0.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches dem Spieler im Rennmodus große Mengen REC verliehen wurden, auch wenn dieser sich kaum beteiligte.
Ein Problem auf der Old Vanderval Strecke wurde behoben, bei dem der Ansager beim 4. Checkpoint immer behauptete, dass der Spieler in die falsche Richtung fliege.
Der Arena Commander „Ende des Spiels“ Kameramodus wird nun toten Spielern zuschauen, wenn es niemand anderen mehr gibt.


Im Region-Dropdown-Menü wurde „ALL“ zu „Best“ geändert.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das der „Region“-Button nicht mehr funktionierte, wenn ein Spieler in derselben Session den Universe-Screen verließ und wieder dorthin zurückkehrte.

Star Marine

Ein Problem wurde behoben, wodurch sich das Zu-Fuß-Radar nun am Spieler orientiert statt am Boden.
Ein Audio-Problem mit der „Ace Killed“-Ankündigung in Star Marine wurde behoben.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Beginn des Match Countdown Audio in Star Marine manchmal doppelt abgespielt wurde.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das Überspringen von Hindernissen in manchen Bereichen von Star Marine dazu führte, dass der Spieler kurzzeitig schwebte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, bei dem man aus der Star Marine Map fallen konnte, wenn man von bestimmten Treppen runtersprang.
Spieler sollten nun nicht mehr in Spiele geworfen werden, bei denen nur noch weniger als die Hälfte der Zeit übrig war.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches es möglich war, dass Spieler eine negative Anzahl von Kills bekommen konnten.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Star Marine Musik auch in anderen Bereichen des Spiels weiterlaufen würde, wenn der Spieler das Match frühzeitig verließ.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Spieler nach einigen Matches keine REC mehr bekamen.
Anpassungen am „Granate kochen“-Soundeffekt wurden gemacht, damit man ihn besser erkennen kann.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Spieler ihre Waffe verlieren konnten, wenn sie beim Sprint einen MediPen benutzten.
Die Spawnpunkte auf OP Station Demien und Echo Eleven wurden angepasst.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches auf der Outlaw-Loadout-Seite falsche Zeilenabstände gab.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Spieler das Loadout in einem spezifischen Modus innerhalb von Star Marine ändern konnte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der falsche Ansager in Star Marine anwesend war.
Last Stand
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Anzahl der MediPens am Ende einer Runde in Last Stand nicht zurückgesetzt wurde.
Tote Spieler in Star Marine haben nicht länger Zugriff auf die fixierten Bühnenkameras in den Last Stand Spielmodi.
Terminal A in Echo Eleven wurde für den Last Stand Spielmodus eine Etage höher verlegt.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches tote Spieler Terminal Hack Assist Punkte bekamen.
Level Fixes
Eine Lücke im Boden von Echo Eleven wurde ausgebessert.
Das Hintergrundbild der Star Marine Lobby wurde geändert.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Loadout-Bildschirm in Star Marine verschoben war.
Eine Reihe von schwebenden Gegenständen auf OP Station Demien und Echo Eleven wurde repariert.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches es Probleme mit der Schwerkraft auf Landing Pad C der OP Station Demien gab.
Ein Problem mit Steinen, die durch Wände von Echo Eleven durchschienen, wurde behoben.
Eine Reihe von Kollisionsproblemen auf den Karten von Echo Eleven und OP Station Demien wurde behoben.
Einige Glanzeffekte der Beleuchtung auf Echo Eleven wurden repariert.
Eine Reihe kleiner Grafikfehler mit Gegenständen auf Echo Eleven und OP Station Demien wurden behoben.
Eine Reihe von Problemen mit Schatten und Beleuchtung auf Echo Eleven und OP Station Demien wurde behoben.
Eine Reihe von Decal-Problemen und Blutspritzer-Konflikten auf Echo Eleven wurde behoben.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, welches es Spielern erlaubte, auf Echo Eleven durch Wände zu schauen.
Fehlerhafte Kollisionen auf OP Station Demien wurden korrigiert.


Im Optionsmenü wurde der Begriff „Director Mode“ in „Advanced Camera Controls“ umbenannt.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das Helmradar aktiv blieb, wenn man ein Fahrzeug spawnte.
Eine neue Verfolgungskamera ohne Rotationsoptionen wurde für die Star Marine Spielmodi hinzugefügt.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches tote Spieler verzerrt erschienen, wenn man sie im Spectator Mode betrachtete.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Charakterhelm für einen Frame sichtbar war, wenn man zwischen den First-Person-Spectator-Ansichten wechselte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Fahrer eines Greycat Buggy sich nicht umschaute, nachdem die Kamera von 1st- zu 3rd-Person gewechselt wurde.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Zuschauer ein Match nicht mehr verlassen konnten, wenn sie die letzte Person im Level waren.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Spielsounds der Zuschauer nicht mehr fehlerhaft werden kann.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Zuschauer nicht in die 3rd-Person-Kamera wechseln konnte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Spectator Kamera driftete, wenn mehrere Richtungsbefehle gleichzeitig eingetippt wurden.
Verfügbare Kameras für Spieler und Zuschauer wurden für die verschiedenen Spieletypen und Karten angepasst.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches sich Zuschauer als Gewinner einer Star Marine Runde sahen, wenn alle anderen Spieler das Spiel verlassen hatten.

Social Modul

Ein Problem mit dem „Add Contacts“ Feld wurde behoben, wodurch der eingegebene Text immer noch angezeigt wurde, wenn der Spieler das Menü verlassen hatte und wieder reingegangen war.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches sich die Kontaktliste nicht aktualisiert hat, bis der Spieler den Client neugestartet oder die Instanz gewechselt hat.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Backspace-Taste in der Kontaktliste und im Hauptmenü-Bildschirm nicht funktionierte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, wodurch Online-Kontakte nicht an der Spitze der Kontaktliste angezeigt wurden.
Gruppenmitglieder werden nun an der Spitze der Online-Kontaktliste angezeigt.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, wodurch im Chat falsche Spielernamen angezeigt wurden.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Spieler, die sich bereits in einer Gruppe befanden, Einladungen in eine andere Gruppe erhalten konnten.


Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Triebwerksounds noch abgespielt wurden, nachdem der Spieler den Arena Commander verlassen und das Hauptmenü betreten hatte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches sich die Sounds der CF-117 Badger Repeater in einem Loop aufhängen konnten.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches folgende Waffen nach dem Kauf mit REC nicht im Spiel angezeigt wurden: KLWE Mass Driver, Behring MSD-221 „Marsden“ Missile Rack und N4 Turret.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Spieler unsichtbar und unverwundbar wurden, nachdem sie sich aus- und wieder einloggten, während sie eine Gladius oder Gladiator flogen.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, wo Flugeinstellungen wie G-Safe und Comstab resettet wurden, wenn ein Spieler respawnte oder den Quantum Travel verließ.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, wodurch sich der Sound der Tigerstreik T-21 Gatling Gun in einem Loop aufhing.
Die Munition von Gatling Waffen wurde erhöht.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Spieler nach oben aus seinem Sitz rausgleiten würde, wenn sein Schiff eine Zeit lang stationär bleiben würde.
Eine Reihe Schreibfehler von Schiffsbeschriftungen wurden ausgebessert.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Triebwerkseffekte auf einmal deaktiviert wurden.

Einzelne Schiffe

300 Series
Ein Problem mit der 300i wurde behoben, durch welches die Einstiegsanimation nicht mit der Leiter übereinstimmte.
Ein Problem mit der 315p wurde behoben, durch welches die Leiter nicht korrekt am Schiff platziert war.
Ein Problem mit der 350r wurde behoben, durch welches Raketen nicht korrekt genutzt werden konnten.
Einige Audio-Reverb-Probleme mit den Waffen der 350r wurden behoben.

Ein Problem wurde behoben, wodurch die visuellen Effekte des Haupttriebwerks fehlten.
Die „Use“-Meldung auf dem Pilotensitz der Herald wurde auf „Enter Seat“ geändert.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches sich die Basis des Gashebels bewegte, wenn die Herald beschleunigte oder abbremste.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Hände des Spielers nicht korrekt zu den Kontrollhebeln passte.

Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Kollisionen im Schiff Spieler aus dem Schiff stoßen konnten.

Hornet Series
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die MFD-Bildschirme oben links zu klein für Hornets waren.
Ein Problem mit der Hornet Ghost wurde behoben, durch welches der Sitz zu weit hinten war.

P-52 Merlin
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches sich die Waffengeräusche der Merlin ab und zu in einem Loop aufhängen konnten.

Einige kleinere Animationsprobleme mit der Mustang Gamma, Alpha und Beta wurden behoben.

Ein Problem mit sehr hellem Glanz der Redeemer im Hangar wurde behoben.

Vanduul Scythe/Glaive
Temporäre MFD´s wurden der Scythe und Glaive hinzugefügt, um dem Piloten den Zugriff auf bestimmte Informationen zu ermöglichen.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches Flares aus der Glaive nach vorne abgefeuert wurden.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, was die Kamera davon abhielt, korrekt um die Scythe zu rotieren.


Audio für die Nutzung eines MediPen in gebückter Position wurde hinzugefügt.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Sounds der Devastator Schrotflinte in 1st- und 3rd-Person zu schwach klangen.
Einige Anpassungen an den Sounds der Gewehre und Pistolen wurden gemacht.
Sprint kann nicht länger genutzt werden, während der Spieler eine Waffe wegsteckt, rausholt oder austauscht.


Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Buttons im Pausemenü keine Sounds hatten.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches die Teams im Arena Commander und in Star Marine nicht auf der richtigen Seite des Scoreboards angezeigt wurden.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das Zu-Fuß-Radar kaputtgehen konnte, wenn ein Schiff im Landemodus verlassen wurde.
Das Optionsmenü hat ein paar Anpassungen erhalten, um benutzerfreundlicher zu sein.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Cancel-Button im Hauptmenü keinen Sound hatte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches das mobiGlas eine Fehlfunktion bekam, wenn der Spieler es im gezoomten Zustand aufrief.
Eine Reihe von Menü-Buttons haben Sounds erhalten.
In der Standardbelegung wurde „Cycle Weapons“ vom Mausrad entfernt.


Ein Problem wurde behoben, welches den Fehlercode 20007 Verbindungsabbrüche erzeugte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, welches zum frühzeitigen Abspielen von Musik führte.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches VFX-Audioeffekte falsch abgespielt wurden.
Ein paar Verbesserungen wurden eingeführt, um den Übergang zwischen Musik im Spiel zu optimieren.
Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch welches der Spieler nicht die Server-Region für das PU auswählen konnte, nachdem er den Zurück-Button geklickt hatte.
Ein Verbindungsabbruch wurde behoben, welcher passierte, wenn man versuchte, mehrere Rüstungsstücke oder einen Fluganzug auszurüsten.
Eine Reihe von Clientabstürzen wurde behoben.
Eine Reihe von Serverabstürzen wurde behoben.
TrackIR wurde wieder aktiviert.

Re: Star Citizen Release + Patch Notes

Posted: 06 Dec 2018 08:42
by Haargon
Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.6 Patch Notes

Alpha Patch 3.3.6 wurde veröffentlicht und ist nun zum Testen verfügbar! Es sollte die Patchversion LIVE-998172 angezeigt werden.
Es wird dringend empfohlen, dass Spieler ihren USER-Ordner des öffentlichen Clients nach dem Patchvorgang löschen, besonders wenn ihr auf einmal auf irgendwelche merkwürdigen Grafikfehler oder Abstürze stoßt. Der USER-Ordner kann (bei standardmäßigen Installationen) unter C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE gefunden werden. Sichert jedoch vorher unbedingt die in diesem Ordner gespeicherten Profile und Konfigurationen.

Größere bekannte Probleme:

Spieler werden ggf. nicht automatisch in den lokalen Chat eingeloggt, der im Visier angezeigt wird.
Viele Liefermissionen aktualisieren sich im Verlauf nicht oder lassen Marker an falschen Orten erscheinen.
Feature Updates
Es gibt nun eine Login-Warteschlange, für den Fall, dass sich eine große Zahl von Spielern gleichzeitig einzuloggen versucht.
Mögliche Fehlerbehebung für ein Speicherleck.
Die Musik in Lorville wurde repariert.
Der Güter-Kiosk von HMC Pinewood sollte nun Schiffe erkennen.
Darneely sollte nun das richtige sagen, wenn man „Sell Scrap“ anklickt und die Konversation pausieren, wenn man weg geht.
Zerstörte Schiffe zu claimen sollte diese nicht länger duplizieren oder dafür sorgen, dass sie gar nicht erst spawnen.
Fehlerbehebung für die fehlende Stimme des Zug-Ansagers.
Es sollte nicht länger möglich sein, einen Quantum Spline Jump durch Magda hindurch zu machen.
Spieler sollten ihre Schiffe in Lorville nun reparieren/auftanken/aufmunitionieren lassen können.
Beim Anfordern einer Landeerlaubnis in Lorville sollten nun die korrekten Audio-Textzeilen abgespielt werden.
Orte auf Hurston sind nicht länger Ziele für Lieferungsmissionen.
KI Schiffe im PU sollten nicht länger unverwundbar sein.
Visuelle Defekte in der Nähe des Bettes von Avengers wurden behoben.
Der Barkeeper sollte nicht länger stecken bleiben, wenn der Spieler weg geht, während er bedient wird.
Ausstellungsschiffe sollten sich nicht länger abschließen lassen.
Die Personen- und Frachtaufzüge der Reclaimer sollten nun korrekt funktionieren.
Ein Server Crash wurde behoben.
Ein Client Crash wurde behoben.
Die Performance-Optimierung wurde feinjustiert.

Re: Star Citizen Release + Patch Notes

Posted: 06 Dec 2018 08:43
by Haargon
Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.7 Patchnotes ... -Alpha-337

tar Citizen Patch 3.3.7
Alpha Patch 3.3.7 has been released and is now available! Patch should now show: LIVE-1007767

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE.

Known Issues

Players may not be automatically placed into local chat on the visor.
Many delivery missions will not update or will have markers spawn in bad locations.
VOIP direct calls may connect and immediately disconnect.
3.3.7 Updates
Feature Updates
Updated some NPC facial animations.
Removed anniversary hall content.
Bug Fixes
The Anvil Arrow should now have zero-g animations.
NPCs at Lorville should no longer become stuck in lines.
AI ships should now consistently move and respond correctly.
AI at Kareah should now properly search after reacting to sound or being shot.
The wallet balance should now properly update when using service beacons or other mobiGlas purchases (no more negative UEC).
Fixed 2 server crashes.
Minor performance optimization.
3.3.6 Updates
Feature Updates
There is now a login queue when large numbers of players attempt to login at once.
Bug Fixes
Possible fix for memory leak.
Fixed Lorville music.
The commodity kiosk at HMC Pinewood should now recognize ships.
Darneely should now say the correct thing if you opt for “sell scrap” and halt his conversation if you walk away.
Claiming destroyed ships should no longer duplicate them or cause them to not spawn.
Fix for missing train announcer audio.
It should no longer be possible to quantum spline through Magda.
Players should now be able to repair/refuel/rearm at Lorville.
Audio should correctly play when requesting landing at Lorille.
Removed Hurston locations for delivery missions.
AI ships should no longer be invulnerable in the PU.
Fixed interior visual issues near the bed of Avengers.
The bartender should no longer get stuck if the player walks away while they are serving.
Display ships should no longer be able to be locked.
The personal and cargo elevators on the Reclaimer should now work properly.
Fixed a server crash.
Fixed a client crash.
Optimization performance tweak.
3.3.5 Updates
New Features
Added: New Planet – Hurston.
Hurston is the first planetary location and as such is considerably larger than moons and has varied biomes. Additionally, you will found several outposts, labed HMC (Hurston Mining Centers) scattered about the surface.

Added: New Moons – Aberdeen, Magda, Arial, and Ita and populated them with a handful of outposts.
Added: New Major Landing Zone – Lorville
Lorville is a large city area and as such only has one legal area for landing and port entry. Space above residential and commercial areas are protected by a no-fly zone. Players will be warned when they are entering that zone via HUD warnings, visual indicators, and increasing audio alerts. If they continue into the zone, their ship will be destroyed. The city has a bar with an interactive bartender and a personal equipment shop (Tammany and Sons) that includes an early implementation of the multi-tool. To move around the city, there is a train style transit system and signs to help guide the way.

Added: Hurston clothing/armor variants including variants of the Odyssey II flight suit and the Virgil TrueDef-Pro Armor.
Players now have expanded interactions with some items.
Feature Updates
Ships and Vehicles
Updated some ship and vehicle headlights for better projection.
Bug Fixes
Landing markers on Port Olisar should no longer appear to flicker.
Cargo boxes should no longer become stuck to the player’s feet/legs.
AI at Kareah should no longer become unresponsive or locked in a position.
Admins should now consistently interact and respond to players.
Ships in shops should no longer vibrate or be able to be knocked over.
The Cyclone at Teach’s ship shop should now be purchasable.
Players should no longer be able to turn the headlights on/off or raise landing gear for ship displays.
Selecting loadout customization from the lobby of Star Marine should now take you to the correct location.
Respawn UI should no longer remain on the screen after a Star Marine match ends.
The Starfarer should now more consistently talk to the player during ECN missions.
Crusader security should now more consistently talk to the player during patrol missions.
Round starts should now reset the player to their default weapons in Star Marine.
Fixed an issue where the Arena Commander region would default to AUS or be blank after the player exits to menu.
Single click firing should no longer cause some FPS weapons to skip recoil.
Battaglia missions should now properly award UEC.
Fixed an issue where the mobiGlas wouldn’t open while in EVA.
Quantum travel wingtip trails should now consistently appear on ships.
Corrected several ships that had the wrong sized quantum drives including Cutlass (now 2), Constellation (now 2), and Caterpillar (now 3).
The appointment mission for Recco Battaglia should now have a full mission description.
Players should no longer suffocate when reloading into a new instance of Arena Commander.
Plotting a QT jump from orbit to a surface location should no longer create a redundant destination to orbit as the first point.
Fix for an issue where aligning with a quantum destination prior to complete recharge would cause a calibration failure.
Fixes for some of the missing ATC audio.
Fixed 6 client crashes.
Fixed 2 server crashes.
Temporary fix to alleviate some 15006 errors.
3.3.0 Notes
New Features
Integrated voice over IP (VOIP) and face over IP (FOIP).
Settings can be accessed via the “comm setting” options menu including basic options and webcam facial calibration along with options to enable head-look tracking. To check if VOIP is active, open the comms section of the mobiGlas and be sure the microphone icon is enabled. VOIP requires the “NUMPAD +” to activate and broadcast to party members, proximity (if in global chat), or via direct calls. A “selfie” camera can be activated to check on FOIP behavior using the “numpad -” key and recalibrated using the “numpad *” key.

Numerous updates to grouping and chat services including a new visor chat interface.
Players can create their own chat on the comms mobiGlas and “tab” between different chats (ie global, party)” on the visor.

Added sliders for general mouse and mouse ADS sensitivity.
Added: Rest stop location – CRU L2
Added the repair/refuel/rearm functionality previously associated with CryAstro to all station landing pads (Port Olisar, Levski, Grimhex) and at Rest Stops. Note: Repair mG function no longer automatically pops up and will need to be manually selected via the service app.
Added: Quantum route planning.
The Starmap now has route planning functionality. To use, plot a final destination via the Starmap (can be any destination, including outposts). Routing will automatically display a series of quantum jumps along with the fuel required. Players will still have to calibrate and spool, but after each jump they will automatically be presented with the next destination in the route without needing to open their Starmap.

Added Teach’s Ship Shop to Levski.
Reached through an elevator in the customs area. You can purchase a ship via interacting with ships on the shop floor (similar to store displays). Ships on the shop floor can be opened and explored, but not flown. All purchased ships come with insurance.

Added: Mission giver Recco Battaglia.
A former miner, Recco can be found in a side-hall on the lower floor at Levski and organizes resource needs for the base.

Added: Asteroid mining.
Mineable resources can now be found in the asteroid belt around Yela and Delamar.

Added “Scramble Race” style missions.
Scramble races are death races using ships in space and using vehicles (Ursa/Cyclone) or Gravlev bikes (Nox/Dragonfly) on moons. Races use a checkpoint system with each player who shoots (ships) or moves over/near (vehicles) a checkpoint accruing a point toward victory. Additionally, players can destroy race leaders to gain their points. Races have a registration period after accepting the mission, giving some time for others to register, and a travel period for players to make their way to the start line. Planetary surface races are located reasonably close to outposts for ease of travel and spawning vehicles.

Ships and Vehicles
Added: Cyclone TR, AA, and RC.
The Cyclone TR includes a rear gunner position, meant for combating infantry and ground vehicles. The AA has missiles and an EMP for dealing with threats from above. The RC is a racing variant with boost functionality.

Added: RSI Constellation Phoenix.
Added: Aegis Hammerhead.
Added: Anvil Valkyrie
Coolers now use power, perform according to power, and can be overclocked.
The Quantum Drive now performs according to its power state including faster spooling/calibration based on power and the ability to be overclocked.
Turret gyrostabilization can now be toggled via an interaction node as well as a hotkey “G”.
Power target level can now be set independently for each item on the ship MFDs, allowing them to be manually over or under-powered.
Added Hurston Dynamics Dominance and Attrition series ship weapons.
Available in sizes 1 – 3, the Dominance series are high quality scatterguns that fire more pellets as they build up heat. The Attrition series, available in sizes 1 – 6, are laser repeaters that deal higher damage, via increased fire rate, the hotter the weapon gets. Both weapons can be purchased at GrimHex Dumper’s Depot.

Quantum drives now have a maximum range per jump that varies depending on the size of the drive
Added FPS combat AI.
Available as a mission to Security Post Kareah.

Added motion warping to allow sliding during vaulting depending on the object/destination.
Added: Kastak Arms Karna assault rifle (available at Live Fire and Skutters).
Kiosks, the PMA, and the VMA all now have functioning item previews.
Arena Commander
Added Arena Commander in-game rental system
Available within the Arena Commander menu, players can now rent available ships direct from the client.

Feature Updates
Polished and smoothed one handed and two handed place/pickup animations.
Updated: RSI Odyssey Flight suit base design.
Changed mining power graph to reflect power transfer per time.
Added a visual shaking effect to mining to help indicate the optimal range.
The mining overcharge/danger bar now fills faster the greater danger you are in.
Extraction throughput while mining is now based on how long the beam hits the same location.
Instability while mining can now be lowered by holding the laser steady on the same point.
Reworked the way instability and resistance is calculated for mineable rocks.
When mineable rocks fracture their constitute ore will be unevenly divided.
The broken up chunks of mineable rocks should now have a radar icon when outside of the range of outlining.
Updated the mining resource quantities to create a thinner spread of higher yields.
Faded central elements of the mining UI slightly to allow for better visibility.
Slowed down and polished AI stair locomotion.
When starting a linked quantum jump the party list will now only show who started the jump with you.
Replaced Levski elevators with a revamped system.
Update and polish to pickup and dropoff deliveries at outposts.
Updated Security Post Kareah with new props, new geometry, and updated lighting.
CryAstro station has been removed as all services can now take place at rest stops and stations
Added new minable materials to refinery kiosks and rebalanced commodity trade routes.
Reduced the rate of interdiction to add more of a “rare” feel.
Updated delivery missions to include a new delivery locker system to expand their locations and functionality.
Updated pistol, stock, and shouldered inspect poses for more movement and control.
Added a blue light to spin animations for the F55.
Players can now enter interaction mode while inspecting a weapon.
Refinements and improvements to FPS weapon recoil.
Sped up the animation speeds of the lean mechanic.
Tweaks to the level of protection provided by personal armor.
Recoil and sway pass on the Gallant energy rifle.
Updated numerous basic locomotion animations.
Smoothed FPS movement and sway in and out of ADS.
Updated notification system with a new overall icon and new event specific icons, including the ability to dismiss the alert.
Removed F11 and RALT menus/function.
Expanded item previews for shopping kiosks and the mobiGlas.
Removed ship selection and updated 3D preview to be selected item on kiosks.
Ships and Vehicles
Complete rework of the Mustang series.
Changed and reallocated support screen distribution on the Constellation series.
Suppressed collision warnings for vehicles in hover mode to avoid excessive audio spam.
Removed aim assist from turrets.
Default loadouts have been redone on the following ships: Gladius, Gladius Valiant, Retaliator, Sabre, Sabre Comet, Hornet F7C, Hornet F7C Wildfire, Hornet F7CS, Hurricane, Terrapin, Mustang Alpha, Buccaneer, Cutlass, Dragonfly, * Herald, Merlin, Prospector, Reliant, Starfarer, Starfarer Gemini, 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r, 600i, 85x, Aurora CL, Aurora LN, Aurora LX, Aurora MR, Constellation Andromeda, Constellation Aquila, Nox, and Khartu-Al.
Increased the damage of all ship cannons, lowered their fire rate, increased their heat generation, and swapped many to “autocannons” that fire automatically. Mass drivers and scatterguns have remained semi-automatic.
Updated heat and power MFDs.
Removed some of the scratches on the cockpit canopy interior of the Terrapin.
Refactored item overheat behavior and overheat warning system.
Added landing gear compression to the 85x.
Added a scroll bar to MFDs.
Increased the afterburner velocity of the Hurricane.
Added landing gear compression to the Freelancer.
Improved the headlights for most ships.
Balanced the power draw of the mining laser to require some degree of power management.
Significantly increased the health and regen of size 3 shields.
Fuel Updates to quantum travel: Ships can now initiate a QT to a destination they do not have enough fuel to reach, which is communicated on the HUD. You can still initiate the travel, but will run out of fuel on the way there.
Arena Commander
Rebalanced REC rewards and rental costs
Temporarily removed the ability to customize and/or remove items from rented ships.
Changed the rental timer to a static timer that starts at the time of rental and lasts 3 days.
Bug Fixes
Exiting a ship while scanning should no longer cause the effects to remain until the player returns to the ship.
Fixed missing interaction highlights for the side airlocks of the Reclaimer.
Player footprints should no longer appear facing the wrong direction near the poles of planetary bodies.
NPCs should no longer get stuck trying to use an object.
Players landing on occupied pads should now properly be cited for obstructing.
Getting into the Prospector should no longer cause the player’s head to jerk violently.
The Vanguard series should now have a usable gun racks.
The Reclaimer’s bed exit prompts should now function properly.
Fixed an issue where the Gemini F55 would play a change fire mode animation even though it doesn’t have separate fire modes.
The player’s camera should no longer move faster than the players weapon in ADS while in zero-g..
Players should now be able to go to the escape menu while in the starmap.
Players should now be able to hear the quantum travel arrival “boom” of other players.
Mineable rock deposits should no longer remain highlighted after entering 3rd person camera.
Fixed missing icons for self and target status on the MFDs.
The Hurricane turret seat animations should now have audio.
FPS weapons should no longer be missing their visor UI icons.
The headlights on the 600i should now work properly.
Fixed collision issue on the Starfarer’s catwalk.
The player should no longer leap into the air when running down stairs.
Fix for desync between client and server when respawning after suicide.
Exiting the bed of the 600i should no longer occasionally leave the player stuck in the ship’s interior.
Watermelons have returned to Echo 11, minus their crash causing behavior.
Players should now be able to sit at the desk in the Captain’s quarters of the 600i.
The 600i should no longer struggle to lift back off after landing.
Zooming in and out on the Starmap should now be centered on the cursor rather than the center of the view.
Ammo pickups in Arena Commander should now function properly.
Added g-force reactions to the pilot of the Terrapin.
The Khartu-Al’s cockpit control animations should now work for left/right strafe.
The 85x should no longer have a wobbly take off.
Engineering station MFDs should now be able to adjust the power triangle.
Child rocks should no longer spawn at different locations than their parents while fracturing.
Players should no longer be able to be bumped off of terminal hacks in Star Marine.
Outpost terminals should now display the correct message when spawning a second vehicle.
ECN missions should no longer instantly fail upon arrival out of quantum travel.
The interior cargo space of the Avenger Titan should no appear properly when looking into an open cargo hatch.
Mineable rocks should no longer appear at much shorter distances than non-mineable rocks.
Removed icons and added a faint silhouette highlighting for nearby rocks within 150m.
There should no longer be two purchasable “Midnight” Arclight pistols at the Live Fire Weapons kiosk.
The bottom shelf shield components at Dumper’s Depot should no longer be floating.
The wing ends of the Eclipse should now properly have collision.
The 600i should no longer appear to be floating when spawned into the hangar.
Opening the mobiGlas when placing cargo should no longer cause the cargo to become unusable.
AI spawning into swarm modes should no longer occasionally be motionless.
The turret view should no longer snap jarringly.
The ejection interaction node on the Sabre should now be reachable.
When holstering the pistol the players off-hand should no longer bend at an unnatural angle.
The enter ship from EVA animation for the Blade should no longer be misaligned.
The decal texture on the Star Kitten Dragonfly and Pirate Edition Caterpillar skins should no longer appear blurry.
Players should no longer fall through the floor at the Ursa’s side door.
Ship debris should now inherent the parent ship’s velocity.
Fix for player spinning in the seat when using the mobiGlas from the Freelancer’s turret seat.
Animations for entering the Blade should now be aligned correctly.
The Blade should now have internal atmosphere.
The pilot’s hands should now animate with flight in the 600i.
Fix for missing whizby and ricochet audio related to ship weaponry.
Players should now start with their weapon unholstered on respawn in Star Marine.
Lowered the drone platform inside the Reclaimer so players won’t get stuck as easily.
Corrected some issues with the LODs on the landing gear feet of the Reclaimer.
Couches in the upper lobby of GrimHex should now have available interaction points.
The Pyroburst ship weapon should now animate properly when fired.
Pressing the back button on the XBOX 360 gamepad should now properly open the mobiGlas.
The Vanguard bed bunks should now have proper interaction points.
Support screens should now work and stay properly on the Caterpillar.
The gun racks inside the Retaliator should now be usable.
Opening the mobiGlas in the Freelancer’s co-pilot seat should no longer cause the player to T-pose.
Player FPS weapons should no longer remain firing if they are being fired at time of death.
Player should no longer be able to trick AI to flying out of their defensive area.
AI no longer goes unresponsive if a player moves outside of their defensive zone.
AI pilots should no longer go inactive if there are already 3 other AI ships attacking an intended target.
Grenade explosion VFX should no longer occasionally be out of sync with the actual grenade location.
Players should no longer occasionally shoot off into the distance when using vault or mantle near a corner.
Players should no longer be able to stand close to the glass at Kareah and fire through it.
Missiles should no longer be able to be locked onto a target inside an armistice zone.
EMP charging should now be interrupted by entering an armistice zone.
Pistols can now be fired faster to coincide with trigger pulls.
Added a number of missing interaction highlights on various 600i components.
All Arena Commander modes should now reward team revenge kill points.
Ship weapon fire should no longer be arrested if the trigger is pulled before the next cycle.
Comm array turrets should now fire at players with higher wanted levels.
The Ursa Rover and Cyclone can now be powered off properly on the MFD.
The player ship target should now clear after it has been removed.
The pitch ladder should no longer remain on the HUD after leaving atmosphere.
Fixed 4 client crashes.
Various performance tweaks.
Added asynchronous background spawning.
Implemented object container streaming (OCS).